THISTLE AND THORN. Philosophy of art.
In Two volumes. In Russian.
Moscow, 2021

HAZARD. Novel. In Dutch. Amsterdam, 2021  

ROTES LICHT. ROMAN. Zsolnay, Wien, 2018

Rotes Licht: Vorschau.
Zsolnay Verlag. 2017

HAZARD.Novel in Russian.
Моscow. A.S.T., 2017

feu rouge. roman cathedrale.
en Francais. 2016

robin hood.
40 ballads. 2015

red light. novel. 2013

dustpan and broom.
short stories and poems. 2010

lonely smoker's advices.
thirteen detective stories. 2010

a contre-pied.
novel. 2009

slow jaws of democracy.
essays. 2008

party with baboon.
satirical plays. 2007

drawing text-book.
novel in 2 vol. 2006

house in no-man's land.
stories. 1993